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Irish Saint

Oct 18, 2006
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Longford, Ireland
Hey folks,

Im on my way out the door to see Tool play in Dublin tonight!!! Any Tool fans here? I saw the in Amsterdam in June & it was topping. 3 hour train journey awaits & it will be worth it. Take Nawlins, talk tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!
lucky *******!! saw them back in september, maynard was sick. he didn't sing much, but it still was amazing. can't wait until they come back around for the spring tour.
Im a huge Tool fan, hope you have fun!

Ive seen them twice, both on the Lateralus tour. At Voodoo Fest, then at the Lakefront Arena. Both times were awesome. Voodoo fest was probably the better show, naked rope climbing acrobats behind the stage :9:
Gig was amazing, excellent visuals throughout. I saw them in Dublin in 2001, the Ozzfest here in 2002 outdoors.They had to headline the Ozzfest that day cos Ozzy was sick, nobody complained! Amsterdam last June & now last night. Apparently they will be touring Europe next summer. Quality gig. I managed to blag my way into the front pit with a mate so we were very close & had a nice view, no pushing or people going too crazy or peering over heads, just how i like it. Light show was brilliant also. Good to see some Tool fans on here also.
Even my kids like Tool. I thought everyone with half a brain did. :shrug:

They do such an awesome, tight show. i had suite tickets when they played Verizon Center here in DC on September 30, was like my third time seeing them play. Memorable as ever.
i had previously refused to post on this thread out of jealousy.....i saw tool back in da day at lollapalooza....along with rage against the machine, alice in chains, primus...that festival set the tone for the music i would love.........
ditto. I liked Tool much better then. more accessible. Maynard did not take himself so seriously.

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