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Nov 11, 2003
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My cousin brought over her laptop because she said a friend was messing with it and put a BIOS password on there and she didint know what it was. Now I have no clue why someone would do that but does anyone know how to get a BIOS password off of a Toshiba Satellite A105 laptop? Do I need to tell her to take it somewhere?
Some friend.

Bad news. This is from their website; 0 8253388

In a nutshell, it says that only an authorized service provider can reset it. Which means they're going to open it up, and either remove the internal mb battery for a bit, or there may be a jumper on the mb that will reset it. A lot of desktop mb's have that jumper, not sure if laptops do.

Is it still under warrenty?
I'm not sure, the way my cousin takes care of it I hope so. I am going to tell her to take it in to the service center. I looked up some in the Baton Rouge area and they list the UPS store.

I'd still like to know why someone would go into the BIOS and put a password on it. And better yet why my cousin can't ask what she did. But since I'm the computer guy in the family I guess they figured it was easier to ask me.
Ive never seen a laptop with a jumper for anything. I could be wrong though. You should be able to unplug the BIOS battery and remove the main battery. press the power button to discharge any residual power left, and be able to boot OK.

Look for the BIOS batter under one of the covers on the underside of the laptop. There should at least be one for the memory. My Dell has the BIOS battery under there. Some laptops have them elsewhere and will need to have the keybaord removed to find it, sometimes you have to take off the top cover.

Check here to see if you can find out where the BIOS battery is for your model. there seems to be quite a few differnt A105s listed.

EDIT, after doing some searching, it appears that some Toshibas require a special dongle to be attached to the LPT port, to reset the BIOS. yours might be one of them.
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Thanks, I think I am going to make her take it to a service center. That would probably be the easiest thing.
why would someone set a password and not remember it!!!!!!

my cousin didnt set it, someone was at her house and was on her laptop. When she turned it back on they password was there.
my cousin didnt set it, someone was at her house and was on her laptop. When she turned it back on they password was there.

It almost sounds like they were just playing a joke on her. Did she ask them what the pw was?
I don't know if she did or not. I mean I would have but no telling. I am just giving it back to her to take in to a service center. I would but it says you have to verify ownership so I'm letting her deal with it.
Toshiba BIOS Password Anomaly


I ran across ya'lls blog when I was doing some research on my mysterious BIOS password problem with my Toshiba.

Long story short, Toshiba is aware of the problem and has released version 2.20 of the BIOS software which states that they have "Added a workaround for a BIOS password anomaly."

I know this is not the forum to discuss this stuff but felt compelled after the many hours of frustration, diconnects and name-rank-and-serial-number talk with Toshiba Support and Toshiba Customer Service.

Bottom line is that depending on who you talk to a Toshiba or Toshiba Customer Service, they may or may not cover the up to $200 charge for removing a BIOS password..."Toshiba does not warranty software issues". If you have this problem just be persistant until you get ahold of someone who is aware that the problem is real and who will listen. And not that morron who told me "that there is no way a BIOS password can be set without someone setting it"...idiot. They will send an "exception code" to your service provider to do the work under warranty...I mean how can they not if they're aware the problem exist and post a fix on their own website.

I just got my lab top back from my Service Provider for the second time for this problem so I don't have many hours running it to see if it happens again...I've got my fingers crossed. The first time was in July '06 and the updated software didn't come out until Sept'06. So although Toshiba gave me an exception to remove the BIOS password, the software was still corrupt and it happened again in Nov '06.

Good luck all that have this problem.
Dude....I should have bought a Dell


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