Troy Aikman likes Fish Sticks (1 Viewer)

"He's doing a real good job............"

Come up with something new, apparently everyone does a real good/nice job
He's been lickin Kolb's jock strap all game but he did call him out on the Shanle interception.
I was gonna post about this , but you beat me to it. He makes such idiotic claims and is such a Cowgirl homer. So far he has said that the Eagles defense is to blaim, but what about the fact our offense is amazing. He is so annoing saying our oline had trouble against Detroit.
I wish he would stop slobbin the Eagles' knob... nearly everything in this game so far he has said the Eagles were doing poorly instead of the Saints being good, called the Saints OL the "weakness" and he was "surprised" how well they were playing and protecting Brees, and just every little thing has been about how good the Eagles are. Yuck.
To my shock and amazement, he actually gave the Saints Defense props there near the end.
fish sticks!!! Hah very nice
He irritated me the entire game. He said that he did not think our O-line was very good. I thought these guys were supposed to do some research before the game. Did he not know that we only gave up 14 sacks last year?

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