Trump Tower New Orleans Has New Design (1 Viewer)


Jun 23, 2002
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New Orleans, LA
From everything I've heard construction will begin in First Quarter, 2007. It will be the tallest building in New Orleans at 67 storeys. I've heard height ranges from 720 feet all the way up to over 850 feet. We'll find out the facts in a couple of months. They have added a needle, which will likely have the height somewhere around 800 feet.

I love it... Man, I remember being home for vacation the week before Katrina hit when Trump & Nagin made the anoouncement about this thing. I'm so glad it's still on. Incidentally, does anyone know the height of One Shell Square by comparison?
Is it just me, or does that building kind of look like a can of air freshener?
No taking anything away from this trump tower, but it has nothing on the new buildings that will go on ground zero. JMO
I think it is four Saint El Lay. One memorial building and 3 additional buildings.

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