Tweaking The NFCS: Bucs & Falcons New Uniforms (1 Viewer)

Too bad these teams didn't see these before they picked theirs. You have real talent!
Both franchises blew a shot to do something cool. I’m not surprised though, or disappointed... after all, it is the Clowns and the Sucs.
I call their uniform changes this year the "you can try to disguise yourselves but you still suck" home and away jerseys
The Falcons mockup looks good. Or at least as good as anything Falcons can.

Not a fan of the number font on the Bucs mockup. I feel like they made the right choice with the block numbers. The dark gray they went with is OK seeing as the old pewter wasnt really possible in the newer fabrics, or so I have read. I just wish they'd have flipped the red and orange. Orange and pewter/dark gray with red trim would've been pretty slick, IMO.
I haven't posted a concept in a while, so I thought I'd start with our rivals and their new uniforms. What do ya'll think?
Hey Big Dub! Miss you man! Since the NFL and NBA off-season will be extended do you mind creating some new Pelicans sketches? Folks on Pelicans reddit and tigerdroppings would love that right now. Big fan of your krewe jerseys from back in the day!

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