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Mar 14, 2006
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I will just say that this year it seems like we may have turned the corner as a franchise with a new coach, quarterback, and half a teams worth of new players.

In years past, this is the type of game we lose. Coming off of a BYE we got smoked in our own house against a struggling offensive team. Sound familiar? Ive given Payton, Brees, and the Saints a pass for last week. If we lose this week, I will be convinced that this team is officially cursed and Peyton Manning couldnt come in here and make a difference.

Great teams dont lose two games in a row. I hope we can pull it out against the Bucs. This game is surely not telling us how the rest of the season will go, but it will tell us if some of the history of this team was washed away along with the Superdome.
If we lose this game I'm not going to go into panic mode. Remember this team is still a work in progress. As happy as I am that we are 5-2 and are in the hunt for the division title and a playoff spot, I'm not kidding myself. This is still a rebuilding year. I predicted this would be a 6 or 7 win season and in preseason I thought 6 or 7 wins would be considered succesful. They are exceeding my expectations right now and I would be exited if we make a run at the playoffs but if we fail to do that it won't be devestating for me. I still feel like we may be a year away from being a great team no matter how good we do this season.

We shouldn't judge this coaching staff until after at least 3 seasons. This season is kinda similar to the 2000 season: coming off a 3-13 season, new coaching staff, huge roster turnover, etc. That season we surprised everyone going 10-6, winning the division, and getting to the second round of the playoffs. Everyone thought we were finally on our way and it all fell apart after that. I don't think this situation will be the same but all I'm saying is no matter what happens the rest of this season we can't pass judgement on this coaching staff just yet.
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I agree with THIBADOUX...this is definitely a team re-build in the making...3 seasons would be a fair assessment... considering you have to have a few drafts under your belt to begin to acquire the personnel needed to build your roster....this team definitely has exceeded my expectations so far...and it would be easy to fall into the trap so to say...that if this team were to not reach the playoffs but have a winning season...we should all be very happy with their results....anything above that would truthfully be phenominal to say the least....:9:

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