We needed a spanking... (1 Viewer)


Oct 17, 2005
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Get it out of the way, put it behind us...and march on to the playoffs!!!
It seems like every year all teams, not just the Saints, will have a game like this. Its how you bounce back from it that shows how good a team you are. The way I look at it, we played about as bad as you possibly can and only loss by 13, although that score could be misleading. It can't get any worse and the only way you can go is up.
i sorta agree that we needed a spanking...

we are a young team mixed with vets that has yet to see a REAL loss unlike this one we just suffered.

its a painful experience but our guys will learn from this and correct their mistakes and stick together and hopefully get that "1 bad game" outta their system for the year (hopefully).
The loss we needed was the panthers game. This was just a total melt down on both sides of the ball. Man, I would hate to be in the locker room at half time AND at the end of the game...
I think that the Saints got "fat and happy" at 5-1. They were the media darlings for two weeks. Everybody loved them and said that the "Dome was a tough place to win." What little respect the Saints earned in the first eight weeks has vanished. We will hear cries of "they were playing on emotion and it has run out" and "I knew that they weren't that good".

I didn't enjoy the butt spanking especially, ESPECIALLY being from Maryland and having to hear it from everyone here however I think it woke the Saints up. They key is bouncing back.
It seems like every year all teams, not just the Saints, will have a game like this.

And it usually happens after the BYE week...

or maybe that's just US that lays eggs after the bye. :dunno:
I think they spent two weeks reading their press clippings as someone working with the team mentioned the danger of to me recently... said the constant good press getting in people's heads too early was a danger... It looked like they succombed(sp?). Hopefully we get back to reality now...
We gave them that game... is it me? or does EVERY tipped ball falls into a Ravens' hands? I mean they scored 2 TDs on tipped balles against Carolina.

Dumb penalties... unlucky bounces, and horrible corner play lost this game. 28 points off TOs... wow...

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