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Aug 16, 2001
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The local Fox station has decided to broadcast the Cowgirl game this week. Does anyone know a good spot to watch the Saints game?
Buffalo wild wings has all the games, it's in he boardwalk. also daquari express on mansfield around jewella( it's in a strip mal ) they show all the games as well. But no beer before noon. It hurts, I bring a big cup before I leave the house to last me till game time
Yeah I used to love going to Buffalo wild wings on the Boardwalk when I lived in Screvesport....now I just go to the Superdome instead... :)
I really really hate the cowboys...that ruined my day. I can't watch the game and study at a bar...
yeah I need to find somewhere around here I can take some kids to -- 4 and 5 year olds... wild wings sounds like a good spot, but may have to listen to the radio on the road home or something :(
The best place to watch the game in Shreveport is to go ahead and order NFL Sunday ticket and stay home. Otherwise, you'll be forced to go out in Shreveport! :p
I ordered sunday ticket so I can watch it at home.

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