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Dec 17, 2003
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I heard the other day that the Sacremento Kings may be movng due to not getting a new arena built for them in Sacremento and the delepated conditions of Arco Aren, could Las Vegas get the Kings guys?

It is one of the biggest tourist traps in the world and has the All-Star game in Febuary this year, it might be seen as a good test run for the future of NBA basketball in Las Vegas.

Seattle has its probems with the supersonics as Taurus could easily point out but with their future murky and questionable at best, its doenst seem to me that the Sonics will be a long term option for the city of Seattle.

I dont know if Las Vegas is ready for an NBA team in my own opinion but it has the potential to be something big if done right.

If not an NBA team, maybe something bigger like the NFL perhaps.
I hope their is a team in Vegas. I think we may see some of the most incredible come from behind wins, cold streaks and flat out unusual officiating.
I don't know.

Saintman2884, do you think any of the state of Mississippi's college football teams will ever be ranked again outside of pre-season rankings? Are Mississippi State and Ole Miss becoming the new Vanderbilts and Kentuckys of SEC Football? With both teams at a lowly 2-7, it's "just wait til next year" for the teams from Oxford and Starkville. I mean you have to add both of those teams' wins together to equal Vandy or Kentucky so far this year. Does this mean that only the University of Southern Mississippi at 4-4 is the only hope for that once mighty state's football woes? Or do we have to look deep into the SWAC for any signs of life for Mississippi football?

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Steve, I think Mississippi has the misfortune of being stuck in between Alabama and Louisana, the football kingpins of the SEC right now. When you have Auburn, alabama, and LSU knocking on the back door of your own division, its nearly impossible to be anywhere near competitive with the big boys. Ole Miss was good way back in the 60's and 70's when Auburn and LSU werent as good as they are now and they had talent like Archie Manning and John Fourcade and a great coach like Johnny Vaught. That all changed in the 1980's when Auburn and Pat Dye came along and evened the playing field.

You have to remember something Steve, LSU stunk in the 90's under Denardo, big time, they were bad and mediocre at best. Saban did more for your program then I think anybody in the past 30-40 years. Les Miles inherited a good program and has done a serviceable job in using Saban's boys, but he isnt Nick Saban at all, period, he just isnt, steve.

I think for Ole Miss or MSU to get better is to first of all get a coach who is brash and innovative, and give him time to get the job done, Look at tuberville at Ole Miss, he was a good coach at Ole Miss but he knew Ole Miss was a small laucnhing pad for his own career and look what he did: He went to Auburn and has been a legend here.

Mississippi is a great football state Steve, they just need a new image and a new way of getting good footbal teams in their colleges. You have to be hard nosed to compete with the Bamas, the Auburn's, the LSU's and the Georgia's of the world TPS.

Mississippi is just stuck in the middle of two football states that are bigger and better then they are, Steve, its that simple.
And who also who have bigger and more legit reps then them.
I think that all of the commissioners of the "big 3" pro sports (I know for sure that David Stern has) have said that any chance of Las Vegas getting one of their teams has to do with the sports book removing their respective sports from the betting lines. In other words, to get the NBA, the casinos have to remove betting on NBA action from their books. That's not going to happen so everyone is at an impasse.

Of course, with the extreme ease that betting on sports can be done these days (the internet), the real question is why does it really make a difference to anyone. If anybody strictly wants to bet, they don't have to make a special trip to the desert anymore (if they ever truly did have to do that).
I was really hoping to see the Nationals move to Vegas. Seeing the Cubs play there would be a great excuse to go.

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