Will we do to ATL on Dec 27th what the Pats are doing to the Jets? (1 Viewer)

totally possible. the Jet's season kind of reminds me of ATL's so far. they are set up for an epic beat down. it would really be nice if Carolina or Seattle could do it and we could continue it.
Sure would be nice. :hihi

In a word....no. I think that we will win because I don't think that Atl. is good enough to beat us 2 times in one season but it won't be a beatdown. Atlanta is good, balanced and hungry. I am looking for us to win along the lines of 24-20 or 27-24. Of course, this is barring any major injuries.
I think the Saints have an excellent chance of winning in ATL but it won't be an epic beatdown like the Pats did to the Jets.
I hope so, but not if we play like we did yesterday. We have yet to play a game where we executed like the Pats did tonight.
If we don't turn the ball over 3 times again I can see us dropping a 40 burger in atlanta.
That's all I kept thinking about while watching that game. Those bums are going to get slaughtered
I hope so... I'll be drinking heavily so, its anyones guess what I'll do, but ill try to make it newsworthy.

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