"WOW" is all I can say (1 Viewer)

Anybody else find it ironic that his College colors were Black and Gold? It's like fate............yeah baby!
I've never seen this video, but this is impressive. Look at the composure, the footwork, the leadership. Great job Coach Payton.


Man, that video will send goose bumps down your spine. Anyone that passed on this man... well, they passed on him. He looked pro ready that early. This needs to be remade after this season (knock on wood) in the other black and gold. He is the man.
Drew's career has come full circle... he wore the black and gold at Purdue... and he wears.. ummm... the same colors now :)
I'm sitting up with some buds drinking screwdrivers, and we needed some inspiration. What a great vid. Now we're ready for the game.
Outstanding! We may be looking at the next Joe Montana here! He's that good.
I am just getting the good feeling in my bones seeing him playing in the old black-n-gold. Here's to him having a huge career in the new black-n-gold.
Great Vid! Do you think that that song should be part of pre-game? Kinda fitting......
I'm not just saying this because he plays for the Saints now, but i remember when he was in college, I predicted that he would be great in the NFL. I thought that he would be one of the greatest ever...he had "it".

When he struggled in his first few years, I couldn't understand it, I thought that he was a sure thing. It was nice to see him get on track in San Diego, because I would have liked to think that I knew a thing or two about football.

Who knew that he would be in Black and Gold (our's) and proving me right?!

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