1. ktmoze

    Alvin Kamara Report: Saints on the clock after McCaffery's Record Contract
  2. Andrus

    Details on Teddy Bridgewater's contract with Saints

    By John Sigler | SaintswireDetails have been reported on New Orleans Saints quarterback Teddy Bridgewater’s September contract restructuring, courtesy of Nick Underhill of the Advocate. Before we get too deep into the weeds on this, know that it is not a contract extension for Bridgewater; he...
  3. The Brees Contract Demand That Coulda Ruined Everything (Satire)

    I'll just assume they took this clause out of the final deal. (Satire) :
  4. goboilers

    Stepping into Drew's Shoes (Contract and recognition)

    Step into DB's shoes. Let me try to explain...1. Didn't go to a top Football College as he was injured in High School despite being a stud and winning everything. 2. Signed in the 2nd round despite being one of the best college qbs ever w leadership skills off the charts (look at how he beats...
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