1. TCUDan

    Analysis Don't Call Him a Nickel: Why C. J. Gardner-Johnson is So Much More

    Credit: Jason Behnken - Associated PressBy Dan Levy - Staff Writer - Saintsreport.comWhen the question of "Who is the most valuable player on the Saints defense?" comes up, there are always the usual suspects: Demario Davis, Cameron Jordan, Marshon Lattimore…And rightfully so.However...
  2. Blitz The C-Gap

    The Best Outcome for the New Orleans Saints.

    The Best Outcome for theNew Orleans Saints:A Hopeful Prediction. by: Cabe Bond (note, this is transferred from a Google doc)The Saint’s success will vary this year depending on two important roles, a solid defense, and a certain five-thousand yard passer. I'll start with the latter of...
  3. Ryan Nielsen now STAYING with Saints. Not going to LSU

  4. Winter

    Kickoff the 2018 Season with Dome Schedules

    Put together some Superdome inspired schedule wallpapers. It's been 4 years since the last ones, but better late than never! There's 4 options in the 3 major time zones. I'm so jacked for this season... Let's go get it! Who Dat!These are built to 2560x1440 (Thunderbolt)2018 Superdome...
  5. SaintKent

    All 2017-2018 Saints Defense Photoshoot #BoonkGang

    Reflecting on a great regular season, the defensive unit taking these photo ops has been fun to watch. We get to see them every time we get a turnover which is always good. It shows how much fun and passion our team and especially our defense has played with this year.Does anyone have the...
  6. Is Sean Payton worth another five year contract

    No I don't think he is because all of his knowledge is on offense not on defense , that is why our defense sucks. And our offense sucks now because he didn't get another lucky draft like the 2006 draft after Katrina with Drew Brees. And he has no knowledge of defense that is why our defense has...
  7. Breesusdat

    Cam Jordan's Super Bowl Hopes

    Hey everyone! This is my first post, hopefully it is in the right place :shrug: I just saw this on and thought I'd share it being a big Cam fan myself. New Orleans Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan: 'This is the year I get a Super Bowl' - NFL Videos "This is the year I get a Super...
  8. Geaxsaints

    Vaccaro Impresses

    For me, maybe the most impressive part of our defense last night was the performance of rookie Kenny Vaccaro.I liked the way he seemed to "fly" around the field.He led the team with 6 a safety.I don't know if others noticed this but he blew up the punt protector on each punt...
  9. Pat Yasinskas on Malcolm Jenkins

    I haven't seen this posted anywhere yet. It's a good read on the transition from Sharper to Jenkins in the secondary.
  10. Defense Big Help in going to title game (article)

    Searched...sorry if posted
  11. nolascratch

    Defensive Player Introductions

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  12. I can't wait for Saints to have a "Uh Uh Happy Gimore learned to putt" moment

    I love the scene in Happy Gilmore when Adam Sandler, who has the best drive in Golf but can't even putt in minature golf learns to putt. His opponent then has a terrified look on his face and Happy says: "Uh, oh, somebody learned to putt" I want the Saints moment to be shutting out the...
  13. New look defense led by #51 :9:
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