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  1. Andrus

    Saints film room: David Onyemata’s career night

    Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY SportsEven though it was a painful loss, the third-year defensive tackle gave it his all and more than doubled his career sacks.By Don Kellum | Canal Street ChroniclesThroughout the 2018 season, most talk about the defensive line has centered around the all-pro...
  2. Andrus

    Saints film room: remaining unpredictable is the key for the Taysom Hill experience

    Chuck Cook-USA TODAY SportsIn order to not become too predictable, Payton has slowly been adding new designs and wrinkles to the Taysom Hill package.By Don Kellum | CSCThe Taysom Hill package continues to evolve in Sean Payton’s offense. While Hill wasn’t as utilized against the Atlanta...
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