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  1. Andrus

    Should the Saints make a run at Earl Thomas?

    By John Sigler | SaintswireNew Orleans Saints fans want the team to go for broke every year during free agency. The hot names on social media in the 2019 cycle (so far) are two safeties: Houston Texans star and hometown hero Tyrann Mathieu, and Seattle Seahawks All-Pro Earl Thomas. Mathieu is...
  2. Andrus

    Wide receiver Simmie Cobbs turns down Redskins offer, signs with Saints

    By John Moreau| SaintswireWide receiver Simmie Cobbs is no longer a member of the Redskins practice squad. Instead, he is now a member of the New Orleans Saints.Before he accepted his deal with the Saints, the Redskins offered up an offer of their own in an attempt to retain Cobbs. However...
  3. Andrus

    Saints mum on delayed debut for Brandon Marshall

    By John Sigler | SaintswireNew Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton spoke with local reporters on conference call Wednesday, but he didn’t seem eager to dig into the lack of contributions from wide receiver Brandon Marshall.When asked if the emergence of rookie wideout Keith Kirkwood has...
  4. Andrus

    No more miracles: New Orleans Saints fly home with a win, 30-20

    (Saintswire Photo)By John Sigler | SaintswireThe New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings each took their shots on Sunday Night Football, but the black and gold saw more of theirs hit home.New Orleans saw its defensive secondary sliced up early in the game, but the unit as a whole...
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