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  1. Andrus

    SAINTS Forecast: A new theory on how the Saints defense can be successful

    Mouton: Saints are banged up, but are a better team than the Giants The good news for the Saints is the Giants have allowed 12 sacks in 3 games so there is hope the Saints can get to Eli. By Ralph Malbrough | WWL Ralph takes a look at the Saints-Giants game, along with a few...
  2. Andrus

    Forecast: Marcus Davenport to Canton, Saints Roster Looks Amazing

    The 2017 Saints draft is a superhero, riding a unicorn, handing out money to the needy. Is there nothing it can't do? By Ralph Malbrough | WWL The New Orleans Saints third preseason felt weird because while watching it I thought to myself, “The Saints starting defense is getting run on, they...
  3. Andrus

    Ralph Malbrough: Embrace the Hype of Saints Training Camp

    Training camp really is the ultimate hype man. By Ralph Malbrough New Orleans Saints training camps are like those ink blot photos used in a Rorschach test because during camp we can see whatever we want to see. Saints defense is terrible during practice? My friend you...

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