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  1. goboilers

    From Boilermaker to Saint.

    Dear Drew: I came from India to Purdue and was wondering why it was so noisy in my apartment at Hilltop on Saturday mornings while I was trying to get some sleep. A friend explained to me that Saturdays were when the Boilermakers played football and there was a lot of hope as we had a young gun...
  2. Andrus

    Drew Brees will stream Super Bowl LIV with Brett Favre and Joe Montana

    By John Sigler | SaintswireHere’s a curve ball for your Super Bowl viewing plans: New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees will be commentating on the game alongside two other legendary NFL quarterbacks in Joe Montana and Brett Favre, in a special broadcast streaming on Twitter, Facebook, and...
  3. PatronSaintofTheNFL

    CDC reports debilitating condition spreading across Atlanta, reminiscent of 2009 outbreak [satire]

    You can't really blame Atlanta's mayor for saying anyone but the Saints when she has a potential epidemic on her hands.----------CDC reports debilitating condition spreading across Atlanta, reminiscent of 2009 outbreak (via Neutral Ground News)The Centers for Disease Control is...
  4. PatronSaintofTheNFL

    Reasons why the Saints will win Super Bowl LIII: No. 9 won’t really surprise you but you should read this anyway

    The New Orleans Saints are absolutely going to win Super Bowl LIII at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium in 2019.How do we at Neutral Ground News, the most trusted news source in New Orleans, know? What inside information could we possibly have that all the experts do not? Well, we crunched the...
  5. Why the Saints will still reach this year's Super Bowl

    It all makes sense now! Why the Saints will still reach this year's Super Bowl
  6. Posted with Andrus' permission: Super Bowl Raffle

    Always wanted to go to the Super Bowl? Here’s your chance! <O:pEducational and Treatment Council, Inc. (ETC) is having a unique Super Bowl Raffle (LA License #E5466).One lucky winner will receive the following prize package:2 tickets to Super Bowl XLVII on Feb. 3, 2013 4 nights (Jan...
  7. ac4400cw

    Saints Superdome Super Bowl

    It has a nice ring to it!
  8. ac4400cw

    New Orleans Saints Super Bowl XLIV Championship Belt

    Thought this was pretty neat!
  9. Saints Super Bowl Photo Package

    eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices
  10. actorforsaints7

    Super Bowl Stats (that make me feel good)

    Teams who have won at least 1 super bowl but have never lost: 49ers (5-0) Jets (1-0) Ravens (1-0) Bucs (1-0) Saints (1-0)Teams who have been to at least 1 super bowl but have never won: Bills (0-4) Vikings (0-4) Bengals (0-2) Eagles (0-2) Chargers, Falcons, Titans, Panthers, Seahawks...
  11. Mars

    Super Bowl Replay

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  12. bienv

    NFL unveils new "standard" Super Bowl logo

    2011 logo is first of NFL's standard look
  13. bienv

    Super Bowl parties in Lafayette

    Anybody know of any Super Bowl parties in Lafayette that are open to the public? Or otherwise good places to watch?
  14. Charity Raffle for Super Bowl Tickets

    Hey Saints fans:<o></o>Congrats on winning the NFC Championship! We sincerely appreciate any assistance you can provide in sharing this Joe DeLamielleure Celebrities for Charities Raffle to win a $5,000 Superbowl Package with your community. The Superbowl package includes: 2 tickets to the...
  15. LifezaBrees

    Shockey Dipping (any photos?) :)

    anyone have any photos of Shockey dipping on the sidelines?thanks:idunno:
  16. LifezaBrees

    Reggie Made Kim Cry: More Info PLZ!

    On Thursday December 10th, E! News said on their nightly news show with Ryan Seacrest & Giuliana Rancic they teased about the Friday December 11th show that Reggie made Kim cry. I didn't catch the show and can't find anything about it. My GUESS: DA SAINTS are 13-0, going to the Super Bowl and he...
  17. GeauxSaints53

    Who should be the Super Bowl XLIV halftime act?

    As annual football boredom ensues, here's a new question: who do you think should be this year's Super Bowl halftime show?An article on FoxSports proposed the following as ideas:-Eagles -Bon Jovi -Black Eyed Peas -Elton John -Dave Matthews Band -Jimmy Buffett -Eric Clapton -Garth Brooks...
  18. Mr. Blue Sky

    Write The Times-Picayune's Headline For The Day After The Saints Win The Super Bowl

    Not getting all crazy and saying that they're gonna win it this year, but what would the Times-Pic's headline be the day after we win the Super Bowl- whenever that is?? I'm gonna take the most obvious one ("Saints Go Marching In!!!) off the table... OK, go.........
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