1. BPatt1020

    Tanoh interview

    Guy is smart and seems ready to contribute to our already talented D-line.
  2. aintsaintsgreat

    Saints GAME OF BLOWNS: You can’t even troll right, Atlanta.

    To the #DirtyBirds, to the city of Atlanta, to the #EunuchsOfFultonCounty:This is how you troll.NO ONE out-trolls the #WhodatNation. YOU KNOW the #NewOrleansSaints were robbed and YOU KNOW you ain’t #SUPER.YOU KNOW who owns you, #AtlantaFalcons.
  3. New Podcast with Luke Johnson talking about where Saints stand heading into the 1st preseason game

    View: https://soundcloud.com/broswhothink/primetime-episode-19-w-luke-johnsonItunes Link
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