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Mar 14, 2014
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Hear me out:
If both McCoy and Ruiz could be the center/guard on any given play, then how would the defense know where to call their strength until the quarterback either 1a got the snap or 1B got under the center???

I am only a junior high D coordinator, but I know this would create problems for any defense.

Not to mention, with two quarterbacks who are getting significant snaps they both should have a center to work with daily in regularly on their snaps. Peyton Manning is quoted as saying the most important part of quarterbacking is the center quarterback exchange. I am done But I am interested to see if this has any legs.... Thoughts?
Right, to go along with our two QB system. Nah, I’m not a football mind in the least, but that seems like it could be disastrous and confuse our players as much as the defense.
Two C, two QB system. Coach playing 4d chess
Is it Not feasible to consider that whichever center is better at run blocking per se would work with Taysom Hill and the other would work with Drew Brees. Therefore, the quarterback C ex, which is maybe the most underrated play in football, would be sound? If it’s not the case and I know it probably isn’t, I hate the pick, i’m trying to be positive that is it fellas
The ball can’t shift.
Have you ever played football? Are you trying to tell me that the lineman couldn’t both stand near the ball and quickly get into a stance in such a manner that would (at least sometimes)confuse a defense front??? If you have two tight ends in the game… It would be pretty much impossible to identify a strength. You don’t know what I’m talking about because you’ve never played defensive line I’m assuming...
I think we already tried that and it caused confusion on offense.

Okay. Brees is under center. Taysom is under the other center. Drew drops back to pass.. Taysom takes off. Which one has the ball?
it’s not gonna happen I know it I’m sorry guys just looking for something positive and in a negative situation. We should’ve drafted Patrick queen/Deion Jones; nightmare all over again.

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