AB doesn't want to hurt his team? What a hypocrite. (1 Viewer)


I’ve always believed.
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May 6, 2006
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From Lakeview to Dallas
Seriously...Just let it go.

Its a coaches decision to play a player or not. Hate on him for whatever but if you wanta blame someone for that blame haz.

Plus he said "say one thing" as in he doesnt' want to speculate on when hes gonna be back and the team say something else. Your really reaching.
A hypocrite? When a person doesn't repeat the same mistake twice that makes them a hypocrite? OK.
Haz kept him in. Get past the hatred. He's gone.
I don't like AB as a QB, but it wasn't his decision to stay in. That was all Haslett...

Not sure why the bad blood for Brooks. I think he's a mediocre QB, but he never said anything to rub me the wrong way.

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