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Mar 7, 2002
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When the saints went up 13-13 all the fox announcers kept saying were the falcons will remember this day and have it on their bulletin boards next season. I found that funny. All they do is complain when we dont put teams away well we did WE DID!!! they dont say that stuff when teams put the dagger in us.
I guess they forgot about Week 3...
I don't even bother to listen to the TV announcers anymore. I just turn up WWL radio like the commercial says. Just take one look at the Giants/Titans game and that will show you why you have to run up the score in the NFL.
good they can put it on thier board now, and if Vick is still thier QB they will get stomped like they did in the 2 games this season. TV announcers are horribile. I wish local TV announcers could do the games for the local markets like in the NBA and MLB, or do away with the national announcers and just patch the local markets radio feed to TV.
My wife remarked about how unenthusiastic the TV announcers were every time the Saints did something good. She was working on reupholstering a chair and was further distracted by a bad tooth. If she could pick up on it under those conditions giving the most peripheral attention to the game, that speaks volumes about the general attitude toward the Saints on the part of the media--even reasonably good announcers like Stockton and Johnston. If the Saints keep winning, there will be some interesting attitude adjustments on the part of some of the media jaw-flappers, some of which we are beginning to observe.
The announcers did good this week. Do we have to complain about the booth every week?

Stockton and Johnson went a little crazy when we got the Hail Mary TD.

I do think they were making a big deal about us "running up the score", but they still called a great game.
What I found was that they sort of warmed up during the game as the Saints kept making plays. My wife's observations came very early in the game. Johnston was very complimentary to the OL. I think that all told, the announcers did far better than the average.
Yeah, I noticed when that was said too. This is the NFL. You don't sit on leads. That is how get beat in this league. If you have a chance to put a team away, you do it!
The Saints couldn't run out the clock on kneel downs. The long pass to Henderson was a third and seven. Henderson was wide open. Every QB in the league would have thrown it. The TD by Deuce was a simple run that Atlanta just couldn't stop. There was a little under three minutes left.

As for the announcers, I thought they did a very good job and were very fair. Better than Buck.
The announcers were fine. Some of you guys seem to be only hearing what you want to hear. There was plenty of praise for the Saints from the beginning of the game. They did a nice balanced job.
the he-- with them, it was another week when the falcons need a win, up your noise with a rubber hose cbs, its our turn and we if anybody needs it we a long over do, so forty niners come on down, the fans will be here to greet you with a kick your a-s and take names attitude,
Maybe it would have been nice not to run up the score, but it was even nicer not to experience the usual anxiety near the end of the game.
I thought the announcers were pretty balanced. It's definitely a bonus to playing pretty well to not get the 5th or 6th announcing team every week.
I usually think fans are making more of the announcers but today I must have been overly sensitive because I thought Siraguso was nothing but PRO atlanta and Johnson was a bit also. I think Johnson is a good color guy but he was irking me in the second half.

Maybe they were taking the side of the losing team and not so much Atlanta. Siraguso was just outright anti Saints though.

The saints last TD was with about 2:30 left in the game and Deuce was untouched yet you would have thought the saints threw a pass with 5 seconds left. Give me a break.

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