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Got a new Mac computer at work. The tech guy updated all of my files and now I have a new version of Itunes and my whole library.

Normally I use Itunes to listen to the SaintsReport Radio Show, and have not been able to listen live from this program. The problem is that the program keeps cutting the broadcast and trying as I think to update the file.

Same is happening now when I am trying to listen to any sample on the Itunes store, and also on the radio feature on the program.

I went to PREFERENCES, ADVANCE, GENERAL, and change the size of the memory to the biggest one. Still the problem continues.

Anyone knows what I should do to make this thing works.

Even to make things more complicated, all of my system is in french, since I work in a french environment.

Thanks in advance, guillermo
Anybody?? Can't hear the saints report show...
What version of iTunes are you running? I had those problems with the 7.0 version but not since 7.0.1. maybe an update is needed.
Thanks Eleazar, actually I have version 7.0.2.

The thing that is more frustrating is that even,when I want to hear a sample in the music store the file cuts.

Same happens with radio, I have tried to listen to the Saintsreport show and the file cuts immediatelly, for what it seems itunes try constantly to update the file I am listening.
Man, I don't know what to tell you. That's really strange. Is it only iTunes? Maybe you just have a slow connection since it sounds like it's only streaming audio you are having a problem with.
To restart the iPod, just hold the menu button and the middle button for a while. If that doesn't cure it, try restoring the software through iTunes.
update i reformatted the hard drive on the ipod as fat32 then restored it via itunes and then uploaded the songs again and it worked, maybe that is what you need to do!
Thanks Saintly-Claus, I am working on a mac but I will try with the similar tools there.
Thanks Saintly-Claus, I am working on a mac but I will try with the similar tools there.

It didn't even cross my mind that the itunes help might troubleshoot for a pc...
My computer is a Mac as well and sometimes I forget they make stuff for pc[s

Is you internet connection hooked up through a wireless router?
Hey brandon, no it is connected by university server, it is my computer at work. I have no problem receiving long transmissions by real player but not on itunes. Actually, I can hear news-radio from Mexico all day without a problem in realplayer. For that, I presume it is a problem of the settings of itunes.

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