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Jan 22, 2000
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Ok, I know I'm supposed to represent ubergeekdom around here but sometimes I'm slow. However if you've never noticed this, you'll appreciate it.

If you select Google as your search engine in the FF search bar and type in, how many feet in a mile, you see the suggestions menu appear under it. The answer will be in the menu. It does this for just about any conversion. Even if you ask for "how many meters in a mile"

A cool and very well thought out feature.
Turn in your ubergeek crown and just think I looked up to you, well I probably would as I am only 5'-7"
I think my ubergeek is safe.

I'm writing this on WinXP, which is loaded on my Mac using VMware Fusion (beta)..

Oh, and I built the WinXP virtual machine by P2V'ing it (physical to virtual) from my work laptop. So I can take my Mac to work, logon to the Win2k3 domain and work normally.... Ok, work alot faster that all the stinkpads that are in my office :D

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