Are we becoming like the Houston Oilers of the late 80's and early 90's (1 Viewer)


Dec 17, 2003
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When I see our current team guys it kind of reminds me of the old Houston Oilers teams under Warren Moon and elite fast Wr's that could spread a field, Drew Brees is the type of QB who could run maybe not the run and shoot offense but a very wide open offense that is very high octane and can score point pretty quickly.

The big problem of the old Oilers was that they could nt win in the playoffs or get past the second round of the playoffs ever, but can we do what The Oilers couldnt?

I mean we have a good team and a good defense, can that translate into more wins, or do we become more of pass oriented team rather then rely on Deuce and Reggie?
Vishal, what I meant was can we become that pereniall playoff contender the Oilers were for 10 years under Glanville and the other coach who came after him, say what you will about the run and shoot now and say its a gimmicky offense, it go the Oilers to the playoffs 8 seasons in a row, 8 freakin seasons in a row, thats pretty damn good from my viewpoint, whatever they did in Houston 20 years ago it sure as hell worked pretty good, I would love to be known as a team who is expected to make the playoffs every year after year.
I disagree 2884. Our WR's our not speedy. We have a veteran route runner that knows how to find holes in the zone defense as good as any WR the Saints have ever had. We have a rookie that does have speed but that is not hardly his biggest asset. We have not had a consistent 3rd WR let alone 4th and 5th option. Moon took many, many shots deep down field while a large majority of our passes are short routes. Moon ran almost strictly out of the shotgun and Brees is rarely in the shotgun.

I think this offense is a much close look to the last couple years of the Charlie Wiess offense that the Patriots had. They spread the ball around, use TE's and RB's, use misdirection and shifts to confuse defenses and isolate match ups. Brees, much like Brady, gets the ball out his hands very quickly and almost always makes the correct read. This offense is not exactly alike the Pats but it would make a much better comparison.

BTW, the Pats best offensive season was last year when they got knocked out of the playoffs pretty quickly. That team relies on its defense to win championships and the defense the Patriots had last season was very average.
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I believe the team that more closely resembles the Oilers is the Indianapolis Colts. They've been to the Playoffs 8 of the past 11 years and lost the first playoff game in 5 of those years.

Let's revisit this question for the Saints when we make the playoffs a few never know....unlike the Colts and Oilers we may actually go to the Superbowl.

btw...the Oilers made the Playoffs 7 years in a row.
Like us in 92, the Oilers were a great team. Sure they blew a 100 point lead in the playoffs that year......
Why do peole have to find a team to compare the saints to? Which team had two talented WR's, one veteran, one rookie? a steady leader/game manager with big play ability at QB (too many to list) a power bag and a wr/speed changeup back........a defense in the process of a total overhaul (believe me the overhaul isn't over) and went 5-2 in thier first game under a rookie head coach named s. payton. oh I know, the 2006 saints. What the team will be is a complete mystery to everyone involved. They aren't the team they were a month ago, or the one they will be a month from now....and they wont be remotely the same team next season. I'd prescribe the wait and see approach.
Errrr Oilers had Campbell in that time period also.

Think he had a little something to do with them getting to all those playoffs also.

Sorry When I think of the Oilers pictures of Earl Campbell terrorizing Defences comes to mind!
The Luv Ya Blue Team! Moon's best year came 10 years after all that. They was like 12-4 team. Very good but the Luv Ya Blue team is still my Favorite Oiler Team.
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man, where do y'all come up with this stuff?
how about the 49ers of the 80s?? short passing offense
I would like to think our saints team is playing very patriotesque.
I dont know about the style of play being similar to the Oilers, but as someone from Houston who went to a bunch of Oiler games, during the Warren Moon era, I can tell you the fan experience is nothing similiar. I think Warren Moon was among the best QBs in NFL history, and certainly the most underrated QB ever.

The Oilers were lightning dangerous offensively, and sometimes also brought a frenzied defense that could stop anyone. They were an exciting team.

But the similiarities end there as far as going to the games. Owner Bud Adams did much to alienate what would have been the die hards, (firing Bum Phillips, always threatening to move, replacing beloved "shoot em up" display in the dome with 10,000 crummy seats, etc.) A city of 4 million struggled to fill 65,000 seats--compared to a Green Bay, fraction of a fraction of Houston's size, with their 11 year waiting list for season tickets.
So what we had left in the seats seemed like transient folks from other places, who just came, not necessarily to root. My observation was that less than half the crowd even wore Oiler colors in those days. Out of town teams were always well represented. Commentators said we were a "dead" audience---nothing like "love ya blue" era. The Oilers were a great team, deserving of much love, especially Moon, and I dont feel they got it.

Contrast this to the Saints experience, where a team that hasnt done squat in recent years in a city almost destroyed, fills to capacity and breaks its own sales record, filling seats with people who arent supposed to exist. The entire city, and much of the state turns BLACK AND GOLD every sunday, and strangers slap hands at the site of a team jersey. People who dont know each other yell "Who Dat!" back and forth every where you go. The stadium is one of the NFL's loudest, and I think will claim the #1 spot this year. There is almost no one at the game not wearing colors. Reggie Bush's jersey is now the NFL's #1 seller.

I love New Orleans, Louisiana, and the Saints in ways I cant explain. The town is nuts, the game is nuts, and the fans are nuts! And there really is no historical reason to be. It really is FAITH. We just didnt have that in Houston at that time. I tried to stir it up, but couldnt.
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