Attn Deployed Saints Fans!!!--afn Loves The Saints!!! (1 Viewer)

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NFL Live Event
NFL Week 13: San Francisco 49ers @ New Orleans Saints
FOX-TBD Duration: 03:00
AFN|prime Atlantic (if you are in Iraq, the game starts at 2100, sunday on channel 2)

please check for local listings.

Saints fans, please bump this so our deployed fans can see it and be sure to tune into the game. Lst week, this thread had well over 200 views and only 13 or so posts, most made by me. Please do your part and support our troops. They support you on a daily basis...

(Mods sticky???)
When I was in Iraq we got to see the Saints quite a bit because a vote was taken on which game was to be shown in the rec. area. Because most of us that showed up for football were from New Orleans, we always voted for the Saints. This upset quite a few people but who cares! Who Dat!
thanx guys. now you are gonna have to help me keep it at the top!!!
ok 20 views and 3 posts. thats unacceptable. its simple guys. you click the thread and you post something to keep it at the top for all of our deployed saints fans...
bump bump bump bump (I never knew there was a 12-character limitation on this thing)
I hope our soldiers in Iraq can enjoy some good Saints football!

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