Black and Gold Georgia Dome! (1 Viewer)

Dec 23, 2010
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We came, we withstood the "home team" surge, and we conquered! Saints showed the NFL that they are still alive and well! Playoff bound! Give me a Who Dat! Also for those driving home tomorrow morning, be on the look out for us and give us tons of honks! :)


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You guys were great! I heard y'all all night long, LOUD and PROUD!
roger that... millen was looking all crusty when you guys were chanting "WHO DAT!" during their post game show..... I LOL'd
Yeah baby the Who Dat Nation was definetly in effect in the big circus tent.
I wish I could rep everybody at the game 1 billion times *in a Dr. Evil voice*. We heard you on the TV, and you made the Who Dat Nation proud! The falcons locker room is feeling a silent unsettling feeling.

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