Breakout game for #25 (1 Viewer)

Well, if the weather report is true...I don't see much of anything happening for Bush tomorrow. With rain and wet and sloppy field, I get a sneaky suspicion his juking and jiving at the line will get him nowhere but looking up at the clouds. This is one game he is going to need to hit the designated hole and drive forward. His footwork will suffer greatly on a wet field. BUT....I really really really hope I'm wrong. He's on my fantasy league and I refuse to sit him ;)

maybe this will make him run straight up the field more:scratch:
They should run a reverse like Denver ran last week. Javon Walker ran through the Steelers like they were blindfolded. Reggie can turn on the afterburner in the open field.
Reggie will have his breakout game against the first team that doesn't center their game plan on stopping Reggie.

And we will probably lose the game unless Payton recognizes it early.

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