Brees eyeing MARINO passing record!!!! (MERGED and Merged) (1 Viewer)

David Robbins

Ole Miss Rocks!
Mar 30, 2001
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Jackson, MS
Look at the company Drew Brees is keeping!


Yards QB, Team Year

3,195 Rich Gannon, Oakland 2002

3,152 Warren Moon, Houston 1990

3,114 Drew Brees, New Orleans 2006

3,094 Dan Marino, Miami 1984

3,082 Dan Fouts, San Diego 1981


Sep 6, 2004
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Rich Gannon made it to the SB in 2002.

And Dan Fouts made it to the AFC championship game in the 1981 season (breaking the Dolphins' hearts in the divisional round in an all time classic game). So, even though he didn't make it to the SB, he still went deep into the playoffs.


Very Bland
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Jul 8, 2001
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I love all of this but I really want to sweep the Falcons this weekend. I want to keep our playoff chances alive. I think the only way to do this is to take it to ATL.


Nov 5, 2006
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I'm only talking about the Saints getting enough wins to get to the playoffs. I don't care about those numbers.

We know Brees is a great QB, We don't need record stats to tell us that.
The most important numbers are in the far right column... every game in question was lost...

Which is everyone's point... screw the 510 yards with the business end of a branding iron... WE LOST THE GAME... obviously a different approach was needed... I said this several times WHILE THE GAME WAS STILL ON... this was never hindsight being 20/20...


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Nov 8, 2003
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Tampa, Fl
BREES IS A BEAST IN DISGUISE, Where'd that Arm come from all of the sudden, did they attach some Robotic Arm to him?
Nov 1, 2004
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Welcome to the world of having Drew Brees as your QB. You'll always be good enough to be dangerous on offense. You'll never be good enough to beat elite defenses--plus you'll lose at least 2 games a year to teams you should have beaten.

I see a lot of arrogance among Saints fans acting like the Bolts were somehow negligent in letting Brees walk. The thing we know that you don't is that "passing yards" is the most overrated stat in football. We knew--and still know--Brees better than you do. You'll figure it out in a couple years. Brees chooses the worst possible times to throw his picks or to go into a passing slump. He'll lose just enough games over a season to cost you decent playoff seeding--if not costing you the playoffs altogether. He's mentally tough enough to overcome his mediocre physical skills and be a good NFL QB. He's not mentally tough enough to overcome in-game adversity.

Brees is a good leader and a good passer, but he doesn't have "it." The guy had 3 4th quarter comebacks in 4 years as a starter with us. Rivers already has that many in 10 games as a starter. Brees lost many, many games where we led in the 4th quarter. He'll never be a Joe Montana or Tom Brady, and that's why he's no longer a Charger. It's not because he was injured or because he was too expensive. It was because stats don't matter if you believe the player can't take you where you want to go.

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