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Aug 11, 2005
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Yea, he lost the game, but I think we can all agree he earned a mulligan, or even two, for his performance so far. He's still going to the Pro-Bowl and didn't even work himself out of anyone's MVP picture. Thank God he's here and still healthy.

Copper however, has no mulligans. Henderson had a nasty drop and Lewis... Well, I was relieved when I saw him back out there returning the next kick. He's been booted off the team for less. At least the corrollary of Reggie's fumbling with our losses is gone now, but the bigger reality of turnovers and losses remains... I think we are going to get it together for a streak to the Carolina game, but I think our chances improve if Copper finds himself on the practice team tomorrow, not necessarily because he sux (IMHO, he does), but because maybe that'll help folks remember to PTGDB. If it's all a matter of who practiced, then for God's sakes, can we have Copper not practice at WR this week?

See ya later AFC. Now we are hungry and primed for Atlanta. It'll all be out on the table then. Must-Win. And I already used my mojo on the Cleveland game...
No, because we can't get a mulligan on the L we took today.

Dust it off, and start looking toward Atlanta, fine, I can and have already started to do that. But Falcons fans give Vick mulligans almost indiscriminately. No way in hell I want to be lumped into "that kind of fan."

Nature of the game, but now he's gotta sleep in the bed he made. Hopefully he won't wake up on the wrong side of it.

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