Bungals Talkin about "Battle of the "WHO"S" (1 Viewer)


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Nov 8, 2003
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Tampa, Fl
The Who Dats Vrs The Who Dey's..

I think we should walk in the Dome Singing our WHO DAT Songs loud enough for it to be heard on TV so the Bungal fans at home can hear it as we whip up on them. Everytime Saints Score we should start singing Who Dat say they gon' beat Dem Saints, WHO DAT, WHO DAT!


One Bungal fan even Wrote a Nice holiday Poem about whoopin up on us..
QUOTE(philhos @ Nov 17 2006, 04:56 PM) *

All the Who's in Whoville sat down to watch their TVs.
Watching the Bengals beat up on the Saints with ease.
Even the Grinch who hated the Who's with glee
Sat and watched the game in its entirety.
After Bush and Brees walked off the field sad,
The Grinch couldn't help but feel extremely glad!
"Who dat's so stupid," he said with a smile
"Why, Who Dey's better, better by a mile."
And off to Whoville the Grinch happily went
Got drunk with the Who's and spent his last cent
Buying a Bengals jersey named after Palmer
And from that night on the Grinch's demeanor was calmer.


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