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Frank Gorr is one of the hottest running backs in the game right now. Suppose its a close game in the 4th quarter, are we going to be able to stop the niners from running out the clock? I don't know to much about the niners, but I do know they have a very talented offense. Norv Turner really has that thing cranking. Should we put 8 in the box and go one on one with there recievers? Any thoughts?
they did get beat by the lambs this weekend. as long as we don't turn the ball over we can beat any team

They are a poor road team this year, but have a better Offense then years past.
The Saints just need to play with the no turnover thought in mind and they will be fine. Thats what it really comes down to is no offensive turnovers.......
I think we've looked reasonably good against the run between the tackles lately. Parker killed us with two runs on the outside, but Dunn struggled yesterday and Rudi Johnson had a tough time until their aerial game eventually opened everything else up. Gore won't have the same balance from the air game to help his running lanes.

I also think the 49ers are going to have their hands full stopping our offense. If they're down 10 or more- which is easily foreseeable- they're not going to be able to rely on Gore down the stretch, IMO.
Saints definitely take care of business at home this week. No doubts at all in my mind. This is the only game this year I have been 100% sure of.
Stop gore from running for more than 120 yards, win t O battle...and we can win
Of course we can beat them. Will we is a different question though. This is a one of those games that you have to win if you are a playoff team.

My guess is that you will see a lot of run blitzes with man coverage on the WR's, like you saw against the Falcons. This does 2 things. Hopefully keeps Gore in check and also keeps the TE in to block. With Vernon Davis and Eric Johnson as SF's TE's, this will be important. I bet bellemy and the LB's will be playing around and behind the line the whole game. I am no defensive coordinator, but this is what i would do.
I think we all realize there are no "gimmes" in today's NFL, but, yeah, I definitely think we can beat the 9ers. Payton has already stated that the team wants to make up for its poor performance in the last two home games and reestablish the Dome as their house. Brees and company are talking about the importance of this last stretch of the season for establishing themselves as a playoff team. So I think we'll have sufficient motivation and won't overlook SF. They were playing well before the Lambs upended them, so I don't think we'll take them lightly. We'll be geared up to stop the run, and if we can just slow down their rushing attack and make them work for their scores and not turn the ball over, with our offense and the homefield advantage I definitely think we will come out with a "W."
Sure, we can beat the 49er's, but it won't be easy. People keep harping on Gore (and rightfully so - he's a quality back), but they either don't know or tend to forget that Alex Smith is completing nearly 62% of his passes.

That means between Gore's 100+ yards per game and Smith's 62%, the Niners are moving the chains.

More importantly, they're playing with alot of confidence right now. Home field is an advantage for us, but I don't see this as an easy win.

WE must play turnover free ball again to win. Defensively, the teams are both in the middle of the pack - Saints 17 & Niners 21. They have a decided advantage over us in the turnover ratio - a +9 advantage.

Beat them? yes... Cakewalk? Hell no.
They are a poor road team this year, but have a better Offense then years past.
The Saints just need to play with the no turnover thought in mind and they will be fine. Thats what it really comes down to is no offensive turnovers.......
They are 1-4 away this year. I have no faith in Alex Smith. I think we will destroy them and show real play off potential. Bush will have his breakthrough game against a California based team. (you read it here first).
They've not played well at all on the road. If you can get up on them early, they can't really go to Gore that consistently.

One thing we've tried to do on defense all year is make the other team beat us with its third option. We took away Dunn and Crumpler, and the Falcons were not close to us twice. We made Frye throw, and tried to take away Green and Driver from Faulk. We tried to make sure if we lost to the Bucs, we'd make Gradkowski beat us. I suspect we will run some of the same run blitzes and attacks on Gore and make Smith beat us through the air.

In the meantime, if we simply don't turn the ball over, we look pretty hard to stop right now. Without the benefit of a single turnover, we've scored 31 points in three of the last four weeks, and had 600 yards of offense in the other one. Moreover, we've started to have a titch more pop in the run game the last two weeks, and I think that will be another area of strength. SF's pass defense is 28th in opp. QB rating, and they only have 10 picks; their run defense is sort of the middle of the pack.

This game may in its own way be a good litmus test. The 49ers have hung with or beaten the teams sort of at their level, but the better teams have killed them. They're 2-2 in the NFC West and have close wins over the Lions and Vikings and a decent one over the Raiders, but early in the year; and then there's Philly, 24-38, Chicago 10-41, San Diego 19-48 and Kansas City 0-41. Those ain't pretty.

We'll know more about our boys around 3 PM CST Sunday.

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