Chad Johnson/Carson Palmer: Mike Mckenzie probably the best CB we'll face all season (1 Viewer)


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Jun 22, 2002
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Chad Johnson doesn't typically compliment corners, he calls them out. Calling MM the best corner he's faced all season is reverse philsophy.
Chad Johnson doesn't typically compliment corners, he calls them out. Calling MM the best corner he's faced all season is reverse philsophy.

LOL! I would say Chad is not capable of such Rodman-like gamesmanship, but then I remembered his do...
Even on some big plays he's given up (bomb to Lelie against Atlanta and bomb to Driver against Green Bay) he's had near perfect coverage. He's played very well all year. INTs don't always mean great corners. Bailey has a lot this year but that's because they keep throwing it up on his side in the redzone, something teams normally haven't done.

If Chad says it, it's one thing, but I would tend to believe him anyway. But with Carson saying it as well, I think it should tell you how well he's played. Maybe if the Saints keep winning, we may see McKenzie as a probowl alternate due to getting a lot of player and coaching votes.
This is what I have been trying to say for awhile and get through other peoples heads on this board. McKenzie has been REALLY good this year and does not deserve the flack thrown his way in previous weeks. As Brad said, even when he has been beat this year he is usually in perfect coverage and the receiver has to make an amazing catch. That all said, props to both Chad and Carson telling it like it is.
Great links. Thank you. I was surprised to see Chad so reserved. Didn't know he could actually hold a PC like that.

One thing I got from both Chad and Carson's PC's is that they really don't know what they're in for yet with the crowd noise in the Dome.

Neither have played here, and I think Carson even mentioned that very few, if any, of their team had played here before.

That is huge for us...
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Chad Johnson (also talks about SuperDome crowd)
Carson Palmer
(Carson Palmer transcript)

Hmm, I know it's typical to compliment other players but to call him the best they're gonna play. Wow.

Chad also said their offense is aiming for 40 again.

Who in gay Citrus hell built that website OMG that bright Flamboyant Orange!
Chad Johnson said that Al Harris was the most underrated corner in the NFL last year. It is not out of character for him to compliment good players.

Thing is Chad Johnson typically does more damage on the left side of the field and with Thomas being questionable they will test him.
expect them to pick on MM all day . . . . .

Chad Johnson is not afraid of anyone and wouldn't shy away from a challenge.
The build-up is only to buff his own knob when he theoretically burns MM all day.

The height advantage alone Chad has has him seeing big plays on Mike. I hope Mike proves them wrong.

It's like billinms said, he's pulling some reverse physcology stuff and I think in his own little discrete way, being straight sarchastic.

One thing for sure, Mike is definitely the fastest player on our defensive side of the ball!

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