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Aug 1, 1997
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For those wondering what happened to her, here's an update from Chris Rose. Keep in mind, this was before yesterday's city council meeting. I'd love to hear her comments on that one!

An excerpt:
Chris: A few things have happened since you left town. Let's review some. First, your thoughts on "Chocolate City"?

Sandra: That is one of the most asinine things I have ever heard. That's not a coalition-building kind of comment.

Chris: You're a specialist in education. Would you care to give the mayor a grade for his second term?

Sandra: You know, when a leopard keeps changing its spots, when a chameleon keeps changing its colors, it's hard to gauge where they are going. I think his endorsing William Jefferson speaks volumes to his character.

Rest of Times Picayune article
**BTW, I can't stand the way the TP now breaks up its stories into a bunch of pages - just to get page clicks for advertising numbers. :angryrazz:

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