Coach Payton needs a mustache.... (1 Viewer)

It has been a long week, but this is something different.

Any 24 fans out there? Here's a picture of Jack Bauer from the upcoming season of 24. I think this style could really work for Coach Payton. :ezbill:

Moustache? I think Payton needs some broccoli or something. Poor thing looks like he lives off of Tater Tots and Ramen! Seriously! Get some iron into that body. Love him to death, but dayum, me and eaux yeah! have dubbed him "The Tot". He looks like he has serious college diet. I know he's busy, but someone, cram some iron down him.
Why would someone want to grow facial hair? :shrug:


I have no idea...some guys look really great with facial hair, but it's not my thing. Drew had to grow a moustache for a show he was in, and I went to visit him, not expecting to see him with facial hair....I told him not to come home until he shaved that thing off!!

As far as Payton goes, I don't care if he dyes his hair black and gold and gets a mohawk; he just needs to keep doing what he's doing. I think the baby faced look works for him; he doesn't need to look tough to get the most out of his players. He can stay "the Tot" as long as we keep winning!!

I can't believe this topic....:smilielol: . We SO need this bye week to end!!!
It was a joke. I thought ya'll could be creative by dressing him up with a hip or funny stache or gottee. It has nothing to do with him really changing his appearance for real. just having fun with the bye week.

How about one like this?
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How about one like this?

LOL....I love the site that is from: "". Yes, those Geico commercials are among the worst ever. At the risk of thread-jacking, I would never buy Geico because I hate their commercials so much. Those with the "hired celebrities" really tick me off....if I were a policy holder, I'd hate the fact that they spent more of my premium money to pay these celebrities to talk for the "normal" guy, when the regular guy did just fine, thank you very much.

Now back to our regularly scheduled facial hair thread....

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