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Jan 29, 2019
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Post your favorite Folk and Country songs. I would encourage people who like Country Music to post songs, that people who don't normally like Country Music might like.

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I'm more of a Texas red dirt guy but here's one of my favorites......interesting point.....the guitar solo at the beginning isn't a guitar.

Another guy I like alot. Has some killer 1 liners in his songs.
Not a big country fan, but I think Tom Waits song Blind Love is country.
Probably has some others that are close.

What is Texas red dirt?

Johnny Cash is good. That song was hilarious. As far Country, I think John Denver, Johnny Cash, and Kenny Rogers have good songs.

It's actually more Oklahoma but alot of the guys I listen to are out of Texas and same sound so to me it's all red dirt. Stoney Larue is an Oklahoma guy I listen to alot....good music.

Cross Canadian ragweed is another good Oklahoma band
I'm a huge fan of Aaron Lewis. Guy has a great voice.
his country music is on point. more country than all of the new pop country...

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