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Oct 5, 2009
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Southwest Louisiana
Whats his Deal seems like he doesnt hit any lanes, and runs into his own blockers, all the time and hes not much of a gunner, on special teams anymore.
Roby is as solid as it gets. Michel Lewis, Dante Hall, and Devin Hester each had a spectacular season bookended by pretty good seasons. You can expect your returner to have those types of seasons every year. I'm really happy with his overall solid play both returning and covering.
Name a better option.

Roby does a lot more than return kickoffs, and he is generally $.

The only negative observation I can make about him is that he isn't playing with a fire under his *** like he was last year when he was cut in the preseason.
No complaints with Roby.
All of our special teams need revamping...I think it starts with the coaching.

Dude, your signature freaked me out.

As for Roby he's still solid as a gunner but as a kick returner he leaves A LOT to be desired. Although, I wouldn't be surprised if it's the blocking that's partially to blame but I agree with others that somethings missing in his kick returns. It's like he finds a lane and won't veer from it even if it's closed, no cut backs or anything.
I was thinking about that kid Coryell Judie from A&M yesterady who averages 31 yards a kick return and also plays cornerback. I just really don't like the idea of having so many specialists aside from kickers on the roster who barely contribute in any other areas.
Yes, I've noticed a lack of big plays from Roby. Hopefully, he's saving them for the playoffs.
Roby has been pretty turrible as a Kick-Returner this season... He's made some plays as a gunner early this season, but the return game has been really lacking. He has ZERO moves... He gets the ball and runs straight ahead no matter what.

Here's what I propose...

Now that he's back... Lets have Pierre Thomas back there returning kick-offs! The guy is a fantastic returner! (beat "The Galloping Ghost's" record at Illinois). With Ivory, Reggie, and Julius Jones all in the fold at RB, this would be a great way to maximize PT's potential and abilities for us!
Man I don't think it's Roby's fault. The dude has proven in the past that when lanes exist, he is a great returner.

Nobody really makes their own lanes on kickoff returns. Dancing and moves get you nowhere if there is no blocking.

Roby takes off full speed and hopes a sliver opens up, which is exactly what you want. He's been getting his chhhruum knocked in the dirt because there aren't any lanes.

I mean, last year his numbers were great, weren't they. It's a bit simple minded to say "we haven't been getting return yards - Roby stinks!11!"

And no, I'm not Courtney Roby.

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