Current Odds to Win Super Bowl: Saints 8-1 (1 Viewer)

Broad St. Saint

Sep 8, 2003
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02 Jan 18:00 UK

9/4 New England Patriots 6/1 Atlanta Falcons
7/1 Pittsburgh Steelers 8/1 New Orleans Saints
8/1 Philadelphia Eagles 12/1 Baltimore Ravens
12/1 Chicago Bears 14/1 Green Bay Packers
16/1 Indianapolis Colts 25/1 Kansas City Chiefs
25/1 New York Jets 40/1 New York Giants
100/1 St Louis Rams 125/1 Seattle Seahawks
125/1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 200/1 Jacksonville Jaguars
(not sure why it says 02 Jan, except that 18:00 on that day is kickoff time for the NFL early games)

If the Saints win Sunday, and if by some miracle Carolina beats the Falcons, I'd expect the Saints might rise to 5/1, and Atlanta might drop to 10/1.

The Patriots at 9/4 show who the money believes in, but then again Indy was favored on Feb. 7, 2010.
i put money on the saints preseason to win the superbowl out right - odds:8/1
not much has changed.

also won quite abit on the saints last superbowl - odds: 8/1
The Saints were 12-1 before the Atlanta game, that's when I backed them. Not as good as last year (28-1)

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