Even the panthers fans dont have much hope (1 Viewer)

mrs saintsation

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Oct 28, 2010
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I just left the panthers fan forum and it was the most depressing stuff ive ever read.Some of those posts were as old as 72 hrs. ago.Seems to me,they pretty much know their team is awful and are not making excuses for the team at all.The name of the forum is PanthersFanz.com.Some of those posts almost made me feel sorry for them,but hopefully their team is not a reflection of that forum this Sunday.Its going to be a long 60 mins. for them if thats the case.:whiteflag1:
In the last meeting, Stewart ran over 200 yards on them, yet clausen had only completed 2 passes by halftime, so they could never capitalize on all that yardage
I sure wish Carolina would find another QB before the game.. otherwise it's an easy walk over.
Jimmy Clausen is just terrible. They should have went for Colt McCoy. Scouts fail again.
The saddest thread ever is the one where Panthers fans are fighting with a Bills fan over which team sucks more.:jpshakehead:
With Clausen and his unorthodox throwing motion I would have been leary too. Carolina scouts should be fired.

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