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Oct 26, 2009
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Jackson, MS
Hey all. I don't post on here too often, but I like to read what everyone has to say and enjoy all the saints news on here everyday while I'm in Virginia. My mom just started her own business making baby wreaths for hospital doors and for nurseries. She recently made one for Drew Brees (picture is attached below.) Anyway, she can make them anyway you would like them to be made, and loves doing it. If you are interested, her contact info is on this website below; or if you'd like to send me a PM about any questions you might have about what type of wreath she can make, feel free.

I tried to put this thread in the right section of the forum. If not, please move to the appropriate section. Thanks yall.

Who Dat!


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She has made a lot more than just the saints one, so check out the blog if you are interested.
Here is another Saints wreath she made. There are tons of other wreaths on her blog. You can also tell her exactly what you want for your wreath and she will make it happen! Her phone number is on the blog page, or you can PM me and I can get you connected with her. She appreciates and was excited about the interest people have shown by visiting her blog from this site! :9:


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