Did Shea Patterson get drafted? (1 Viewer)

David Robbins

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Mar 30, 2001
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Jackson, MS
Had to stop watching the draft for a while. Just wondering. As a developemental guy, I would love to get him to maybe be on our Practice Squad.
He’s the 16th ranked QB. And the 8th rated QB is still on the board. He ain’t gettin drafted
I watch a lot Michigan football and he really struggled his SR year for as much talent that they had on the offensive side of the ball. He really struggled throwing for distance, I remember one game was super windy and he couldn't throw the ball into the wind at all. He was also a turnover machine, not all his fault but fumbled a lot. I had really high hopes for him when they got him, the offensive cordinator changed at least once, if not twice while he was there. So not everything was his fault, but he just struggled.
Didn’t hear a lot of good things about him from local fans when he was at Calvary.

Watched Byrd completely crush him and he didn’t impress me. I think you’re. Supposed to look impressive when you’re in high school if you are going to be an NFL QB.
He is a great athlete. Probably not an NFL QB. His dad has been cutting a path for him since 10th grade and that has been his biggest problem by far. Dad can’t really do it for him now.

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