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May 15, 2006
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a lot of the fans...I know that there were no SaitsReport fans who left in the 3rd quarter but I was appaled at how easily so many gave up soearly int he second half. I guess thats the bandwagon factor. Anyway, I agree with a lot of other posts...I think the game just fell to the Ravens today, all those tipped passes were ricockilicious! I think we didnt gt beat by a better team but they were better today. I also think we needed to get spanked like this to learn and grow as a team. Great teams arent made overnight people. We should be loving 5-2 because nobody ever thought we would be this good at this point, we shouldn't be walking out and giving up so early on a team that has played its heart out for us week after week.

On the lighter side...it is VERY HARD to cheer and pump up a crown with a mask on because nobody knows what I', saying. I tried doing raise the roof type moves but I have to work on realizing I'm in costume now and project my voice better.... anyway, hope y'all liked the Fleur-de-V costume and see you in it in about 3 more weeks!!!
Well...just FYI...I was at the game, and the fans are about the only thing that gets five stars from me. How anyone can say the fans gave up on this team is beyond me. These people went nuts when we were losing 35-7, and we'd get a first down.

The fans were louder than they should have been, considering the game on the field.

Not sure where you were sitting. Maybe you were just in a bummed out section, where it didn't sound particularly loud.
yeah the bandwagonners make me sick. Good post. This will give payton film to look at to see what he can do to adjust. he will get it done. if we lose to tampa this could be the beginning of the end.
The game was over when we went down 28-7 before the half. Against that defense, you'd be lucky to score 21 in the entire game.

I mean, if you're at the game, you should stay and be loud, but it's not always easy when your team poo poos the game a way like we did. I'm not a band waggoner, and I stopped watching after the first half. Sure I missed some big plays to Colston, but really didn't miss much.
i didn't leave until McNair knelt..and i did see you on the screen late in the 4th.

It was weird, it seemed the fans were "off" today too, they didn't seem as hungry as they were for the falcons/eagles. I had empty seats beside me in 328. Withe the exception of a few people there are different people around me each of the 4 games. there 1 or 2 games a year people expect the Saints to dominate, and if they don't lose interest quickly. those that stayed still made some good noise late in the second half though..
Firt off, I never said we played a good game...we sucked on both sides of the ball...

Also, all us fans were great but then all throughout the stadium around midway through the 3rd quarter about 40-50% of those attending started leaving. I wish we could have kept the attitude we had in the first half throughout the end of the game. But those that stayed we were loud until the very end. I just expected more to stay...I mean we are 5-2!!

Oh and to the guy in 620, I'll have to work on that Go Saints chant for my seciton for the next game...the mask didnt help in getting it started...when I would turn around and yell people couldnt tell what I was saying and they looked confused...the other 50% of the time, I was concentraing on my gin and tonic...so my bad! Anyway, GEAUX SAINTS!!!
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i was in the 300's also and the people dont stand up at all, 1 girl was standing and it caused a fight with some other fans that couldnt see and the police had to come, even when I was standing the people behind me didnt, I would rather sit up in the terrace from now on
Pretty much all fans start to head for the exits when the outcome becomes as obvious and early as this one did.

I can't blame anyone for wanting to hit the flask early during this one - I sure did.
I think that the crowd was outstanding and brought THEIR A game, despite the poor performance on the field. Maybe the crowd seemed a little off to you because they did not get much to cheer about offensively?
IM a Saints Report guy and I was gone after that 2nd touchdown Brees threw to the other team. Sorry it was really dissapointing.
It was very impressive that even with the final touchdown by the Saints to give them 20 points (and the 2-pointer after) the crowd that was left was still going nuts.

Infact, it seemed like many of the ones that stayed are among the ones who make the biggest effort for noise.

Stayed until the final knee..
The decibal level on the field on defense after the Saints scored to make it 35-14 and the Ravens got the ball back was 100+. The fans were still in it even in the 4th after trailing 35-7. That's not to bad I don't think.

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