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So THIS is what it feels like to have an absolute stud QB capable of raising the level of play of the entire offense!

I think pro athletes are overpaid, overall. But dammit if I wouldn't have given every bit of $10 million for a QB like Brees.

PS picnic, that's a good hair day for Jacob.
like i've said before, thank the sandiego chargers for not caring. DREW has always been great. VOTE DREW FOR ALL-PRO HONORS
Good man! Great quarterback! DB is absolutely the key for this team.
I was disappointed last week big time, but beating this team this way with no errors shows his maturity and leadership. He is the best possible quarterback that this team can have.

thank you God!
His pocket awareness is really incredible. His ability to step where he needs to without taking his eyes from down field is unparalleled in the league right now. Neither manning, nor brady have brees's elusiveness in the pocket. He really has a sixth sense about where pressure is coming and when to step. It's really amazing to watch. And he keeps doing it over and over in every game.

Several times the pocket collapsed and about 30 of the 32 quarterbacks would be sacked and brees had the instinct to move without looking. At 60 million dollars, this man is worth every penny.
If he's not the starting QB in the Pro-Bowl, there is no justice. Especially if its Vick....

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