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Feb 19, 2002
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Rochester New York
We were walking to lunch in the gritty but quaint warehouse section of New Orleans, the infamous Convention Center two blocks straight ahead, when Saints linebacker Scott Fujita began talking about the toughest person he had ever known. It wasn't Deuce McAllister, Joe Horn or even Mike McKenzie. Although we both thoroughly enjoyed how, during the grand reopening of the Superdome, McKenzie had introduced Fujita to the world on "Monday Night Football" as the "Asian Assassin."

Fujita wasn't talking about himself, either. He certainly qualifies, though. The leading tackler on the resurgent Saints defense, Fujita was given up by his birth mother when he was six weeks old and adopted by Helen and Rod Fujita of Oxnard, Calif. Helen is white. Rod, now a retired school teacher and coach, is a third-generation Japanese-American who was born inside a Japanese internment camp in Arizona during the post-Pearl Harbor paranoia of World War II.

Sorry if posted already...
That it is and this is about all I've heard about Fujita, which made it so hard for me to believe he intentionally went after Steve Smith's knees
As an aside, it's nice to see that Fujita lives in the city. I wish more of the players's cool for people to have them as neighbors and for them to be visible in the community outside the work they already do.
Such an incredible story... I have nothing but love for the man. We should all strive to have the atitude of his grandmother. It would make us all better men (and women).

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