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The best day of the regular season. We get to see the Saints win and the Cowboys lose at the same time.


Lets go who dat!!!!!!!!! ok bear with me im already tanked lol

Keith Brooking with the worst pre-game chant I've ever seen in my life.

Based on pre-game chant, Saints win, hands down.

What happened to the 3:15 start?

Why am I watching some fat guy eat turkey?

Big screen - Check... Surround sound - Check. Beer - Check...

Graham with the first reception.

Jimmy graham!!!!!

Graham is going to be a top notch TE when all is said and done.

Wow on Henderson. OMG

Touchdown Chris Ivory!!!

quote from Cowturds board:

"There sure are a lot of Saints fans there"

Terrible attempt at a tackle from Porter.

Interception Will Smith!!!

stinchcomb got steamrolled there

anyone else got that feeling in their stomach right now? hope im wrong

Will Smith's wife is a fox.


TD Henderson!

What a catch, prob won't stand as a TD.

What an effeminate flag throw.

doesn't look like either team is very good.

saints got a big lead but we know the cowboys suck and they're basically giving the game away.

not impressed tbqh.

No one cares - troll

Stopped them on 4th, Who Dat!!!

Damn does 22 think he's exempt from tackling anyone today?

Dallas is stiffing it up.

Cannot believe they are in the red zone now...**** **** and ****

Dallas has had the ball since last Thanksgiving...

Can't let them back in the game

Jerry jones daughter looks like him lol

Striefs head is huge

Terrible start to the 2nd half.

Way to mug Jenkins....these refs are garbage.

Great play Brees to Colston! We need to shut this crowd up with a TD!

Dammit Reggie. That was a TD!

We can't get to Kitna.

Jesus Reggie. Time to sit down, bud. You're not helping today.

Not going to say that I'm surprised he fumbled.

We are playing to lose this game right now.

words cannot how crappy i feel right now. we took our foot off the gas in the first half and now we are giving these morons the game. our defense can not stop kitna and reggie must have gotten a check from jerry jones this week.

Graham's gotta catch that ball

Jerruh needs another facelift.

I can not express how much I hate the cowboys

Giving the game away

There's Graham costing us another shot at a TD.

Where is the guy who said, "We need to go ahead and cut Shockey so Graham can be a full time beast"

This is heartbreaking. TD Cowboys.

This is a pain that is going to linger a long time.

this saints team is just not the same team as last year. they just dont have the same intensity. now we are just clock

up 17 - 0 and SP refused to run the ball that is the story of the pathetic diplay!!!!

We lose this season over

At least we still have our health. and got to see Keith Urban at halftime.

**** us we deserve to ******* lose.

this game is over......

Saints in full suck mode.

season is over. bucs will pass us for wildcard spot

We did this to ourselves. Epic, classic choke job.

jenkins holy ****!!

FUMBLE Saints ball!!!

What a lucky break, good job can the offense get the ob done....

f anyone thinks that this team is anywhere close to what last years team is just dilussional. Defense may be ranked #4 but they are no where close to that. The offense has no rhythm. Not close to a playoff contender.

F all ya'll Debbie Downers!!!!!!!!

God! I'm sorry for mis-believing! Forgive me!

I think im having a stroke

TD!!!! Yessssss!!!!!

lord pleaseeeee lord let our defense hold for 1:50...Ill go to church twice this week

jeusuusususus do something already...stop them

Man, they're walking downfield so easily.

4th and 10!! Not in FG range, gotta go for it!


i cant watch

Missed!!!!!!!! Who Dat Baby!!


I've got a stupid grin on my face!

Thank you baby Jesus

there's a young gal at my place who said "go cowboys " right before the fg attempt. she's still locked in my garage.

Happy saintsgiving everyone, who dat!
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Great post! However, he is not "baby Jesus". He's now "King of Kings and Lord of Lords" :9: That said, good post my man!
Nice post. It would be so much sweeter if we saw names to match the posts :hihi: Some Saints fans need their black and gold card suspended or revoked for giving up in the fourth quarter then cheering like crazy during the comeback. What a Fail lol.
Which is why I don't do the gameday board... :hihi:
This was posted in the SAINTS/seahawks Gameday thread Sunday AFTER we won:

We're getting smoked next week guys. The Cowboys are taking this Saints team to the woodshed.
Good idea. In next week's version post the posters name above their comments if they are talking unnecessary **** on the Saints.
I love this one.
God! I'm sorry for mis-believing! Forgive me!

You did a great job picking out those quotes. Great selection. I felt myself on the roller coaster again! WHODAT!
But hey...

At the time I was VERY 'heartbroken'.

The Saints just found a way to mend a broken heart! :9:

BTW - Great Post! It just shows the emotional rollercoaster that is the weekly Gameday Thread! :ezbill:
Ill be honest, I felt good about us coming back and winning this game. I told everyone not to worry because the Saints would make a big play when it counted. Well look at what happened.

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