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Oct 17, 2002
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Lafayette, LA
According to Jim Henderson / Hokie Gajan, during halftime some furniture got tossed around in the locker room. They said it wasn't Payton. I wonder who did it??
i have no clue, but if there was a pool, i'd put $20 on Charles Grant
hokie is probably confused...maybe he meant someone form the ravens D he was "sure hoping to see today." hokie is awful and should be relegated to stat lookup guy.
I wouldn't be surprised if there were holes in the wall.
You would think that putting padded walls in the locker rooms would have been on the list when the Dome was renovated.
If the furniture was thrown into double coverage then I bet it was Bush.
and then they came out of the locker room and started the 2nd half with penalties and poor play, pretty much the same way they ended the 1st half. Guess the locker room trashing job didn't have the desired effect.

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