How are we going to stop Chad Johnson??? (1 Viewer)


May 28, 2002
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This will be a scary game. Also, we need to put Danny Clark at MLB.
After yesterdays game, I think the question is how will we stop Rudi Johnson.
What's even worse is that we keep getting teams coming into a must win game after a bad loss.

We can't double team Chad cause of TJ (if he's healthy). Maybe if we bump him off the line and get him off timing with Palmer. I guess we'll see Sunday.
Put McKenzie on him and hold your breath. TJ H. might still be seeing stars next week so it may not be that bad.
i'm expecting a low scoring game...Saints 54, Cincy 52.
This will be a scary game. Also, we need to put Danny Clark at MLB.

How will Danny Clark help. We didn't give up runs up the middle... the problem was contain on the outsides. Terrible run support from the DBs. They were over-pursuing to the middle of the field and leaving themselves vulnerable to cutbacks.
I see this shaping up like an old game of Tecmo Bowl.
Saints 95 Bengals 87:)
Simple. Pressure Palmer.


Thats how ya stop Chad Johnson.

Very Simple.


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