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Ok, this would never happen in the real world of the NFL. But I would just like to see the value that the forum readers put into certain positions/players.


If you were the GM of the Saints, would you trade Deuce for Champ Bailey?

This isnt a, "we should trade Deuce" thread, but just curious to see at what legnths would some of you go to get a shut down corner.

My thoughts on this is:

When this trade took place with Portis and Bailey it was a slightly different situation. Portis was a 6th rd pick and Shanahan had already proved that he can insert any "cookie cutter" running back into his system and get close to the same, if not the same results. So, to assume that Reggie will cover the slack of not having Deuce would be incorrect because they are different runners with different styles....if anything, Jamaal Branch would have to be the one to take over for deuce.

Of course there are certain other factors that would never allow a trade like this to happen, mainly because of the cap hit that both teams would take. But again, I would just like to see some of yours thoughts on this. I am stuck on the fence, because to have a shutdown corner like Bailey would just be amazing and would sure up our defense...even with our current LBers! However, what Deuce means to our offense is just as important. While Brees is the leader of the O, Deuce keeps the O balance. Bush will be amazing before all is said and done, but he isnt a power back that you need to burn up the clock during those 8 minute 4th quarter drives! Either way, I would be happy, but is still something to think about.

Oh, and if you want, insert Brian Urlacher in the place of Bailey.
I would do that in a heartbeat. Having THE premier shutdown corner?
Portis was a 2nd round pick

and that was a good swap for both teams involved, Denver still has their "we're better than we look" running back system; Washington went out and got Shawn Springs from Seattle then drafted Carlos Rogers to be groomed as their premier CB.

I wouldn't do it, if only because of what Deuce means to this team and community. Not to mention that this draft has ridiculous defensive talent in it, so we could sign a vet then draft a rookie... just like Washington did.
let's not forget the defense that champ bailey is a part of....denver has a solid d from the line on back....he is able to up his game because of that....and by the way, i would not do that
do you mean, would we do this trade right now...or 3 years ago?? if you mean right now, YES!!! Champ is 100 times more valuable to a team then deuce. He is the best CB in the league...

If you mean would we do this trade 3 years ago, i would probly say no because i was stupid and didnt know that RB's are dispensible. Over and Over again RBs go to new teams and blow up...Chester Taylor, LJ last year, Gore this year, Addai's blowin up...

ofcourse, you have to have a good backup, cause not all backups can run the ball in the nfl...

sorry, i cant make my point..
No way!

Deuce is the heart of this team and is not available for trade.

I don't much care for the question, and am surprised some folks would do it.

Again, No Way!

I would. Camp would be way more important then Deuce. We have Bush and the o would be fine without him. We would hurt a bit but we have the passing game to make up for it abd Bush. But the d would be sooooooOOoOO much better with Camp and make every spot look better. MM and Camp would be lights out all year.
i think people overvalue cb's....look at the saints...would we be 7-4 if we had champ and not deuce? I think not....cb's do not shut down half a field like some on this board seem to beliieve...look how bad deangelo hall got beat repeatedly by devery yesterday....if we had champ instead of deuce, I'd say we'd be 3-8 right now, maybe 4-7...you can plug in a serviceable guy like craft and still win (you can compensate by blitzing, giving safety help etc...)...but without deuce, we just have some scatbacks and no real running game (who would've scored deuce's 8 td's? reggie? stecker?)....no way
I have the soltuion.

Let's just play Denver in the SB and then we will know for sure which player means most to his perspective team.

If I am evaluating the play of both of the teams that were affected by the Portis/Bailey trade, I would say Denver has benefited more than Washington has.

Geaux Deuce!
Its not us that would veto this trade, it would be Shannie. Lets not forget that Denver has always been albe to find diamonds in the rough when it comes to running backs.

WHY ON EARTH would they give up a top tier Defensive Back for a running back coming off of a major knee surgery?

Will never happen. EVER
Champ would look like Craft if we don't get any pressure on the QB... I would however let Charles Grant go via free agency and go HARD after Dwight Freeney... that would make both McKenzie and Craft look like Champ. Can you imagin Will Smith on one side and Freeney on the other?

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