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Black and Gold toThe Bone
Jan 5, 2006
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I always hold the greatest sack of optimism when viewing our Saints.
I honestly don't believe a game is over until it is over.
No matter who the opponent may be, I think that we will win every game.

I thought we would beat the Ravens yesterday. And I still think we have enough talent to make it to the big dance.

Yes, I am now offically cheering for the Ravens to make it to the Dance. I need to play them again. We have to play them again!!!!!!!

Now, after the way they gloated on the sidelines, and after reading the quotations of Bart Scott concerning Reggies injury, this season can only be capped off right if we play the Ravens in the Superbowl.

I wont rest until we play them again, or Bart Scott tears every ligament and breaks everybone in his body.

It would be crazy for me to try and justify yesterday's lost. The Ravens capitalized off of our mistakes, which is what you expect from a good team.

But you would be in total denial if you didn't notice that we were primarily victims of self destruction (penalites galore, Campbell drops a TD, Bush throws bad pass on HB play, Stecker had pass bounce of his Helmet for TD, Fujita ha his third INT, deflected away form his teammate into the arms of the grateful Tod Heap). This list could go on.

I am drunk with revenge!!!!!!!

I have to play this team again, soon.
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hits like scott's go on all the time. however, bush must have given him a concusion for him to be so stupid as to announce what he did to the world. i hope his gloating gets some redemption. teams will definetley keep him on the radar now and plow him at the first sight of foul play. what an absolute moron. you reap what you sew and the ravens will definetley pay on the carma side of things.

I totally agree.

And Karma is a B***h

You are right, even if we dont get to play them again, Karma is oh so sweet, Bart "he's such a non factor, that I'm going to try to hurt him to get him out of the game" Scott, will most certainly have his day.

Hate to go religious on the board but, as my grandmother always told me,

"God don't like Ugly"

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