I really like Tampa Fans (1 Viewer)

I have seen this firsthand on a trip to Tampa Bay before. It really is a great atmosphere down there, very classy bunch.
It'll be great to have their support the rest of the season.

It's easy for us to feel for them and their situation this year.

Let's give the Bucs fans something to cheer for! :9:
I wish we had more class and respect in professional sports as the tampa fans showed there.

Everytime time Tampa went to the playoff's i rooted form them, its nice to see the reciprication.
Get used to it, as teams start dropping from remote playoff contention the Saints bandwagon is going to get heavy...a few exceptions obviously but I know friends in NY who have told me that when scores are announced over the PA system the Saints get cheers if winning...
Sitting here right now in a hotel in Tampa. Definitely will vouch for them being a good group of fans. Most wished us well after the game, and many said they hope we win it all. And Raymond James is quite a facility -- great sight lines, lots of room in the concourses, clean, and even nice folks working the concessions. I've been to numerous away games over the years, this was easily the best experience (of course, winning always helps).
Their fans were classy at the game in the dome....shaking hands after they lost.
ya, their really classy which is awesome unlike the falclown fans.

though i hope the bucs can help us out in the future like beating ATL/CAR or any other team that is fighting for post-seaosn chances.
Given their team's NFL whipping boy history and our team's history, the Bucs are really the closest thing to us.

For decades, we shared the duties as the Rodney Dangerfield of the NFL.

"I tell ya, I get no respect. No respect!"
I miss the Bucs fans that used to post here like Buc Force.

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