I WILL get red thumbed for this but [I want Weird Al for SB XLVIII] (1 Viewer)

Hey, he's gonna get you too... Another one rides the bus

I'm all for it. Dat cat never lip-sync'd anything in his life. Plus, he could reach a very wide spectrum of music with his polka-parody.
Weird Al would be perfect just because he could easily get musicians to cameo to perform with him on the songs he's parodying. So you still get your random cameos, but its also entertaining and hilarious.
A interesting idea, but the more I think about it the more I think the obvious choice will be Billy Joel (pretty much a NY staple).
i just have a hunch it'll be bon jovi next year. they are from new jersey, have anew record coming out, will be on tour. i think it's probably already a done deal. i want some rock back at halftime, enough with pop divas!!


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